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> What's New with Prophets?

> 9/10/01

Sorry it's been such a long time since the last update but basically why update mine if Cat has done already and with style? On monday (8th Oct 01) the fakesoundofprogress was re-released with a different version of the fakesound of progress and as Ian says "Superfluous scratching" from Jamie :) generally better but i wouldn't say it was a great improvement, bring on the next album already! Kerrang are being bastards to the boys at the moment but other press is still going great. It was re-mixed/mastered by Michael Barbeiro of Metallica and Cypress Hill. The Video has been reshot for sVSdn at Edmunton Green shopping centre multistorey carpark (not a shite one a good "round and round" one). It was perfect weather and great fun, thanks to all that went.

They sold out a london gig with Boy Hits Car in record time and played a storming if damn short set. In addition to the re-release of the FSOP they played a session for bbc radio 1 at the end of sept this has been played at prime time giving more publicity. A brilliant set at Urban Games at the start of summer and headlining the infamous Uxfest for charity.
Reading went great with the tent being 150% packed with the queue to get in stretching over 30meters even while the popular fun lovin' criminals were on.
Oh and irrelevant news they've swapped around Shinobi and Kobrakai on their set list and added still laughing instead of odetosummer/..lifeofswing.

Been on TV a couple of times too, firstly on the Kerrang! awards (ahem channel 5) where they won best new british band, nice one. Then last Sunday on Blunt ATTP with behind the scene footage of Mike C being eaten by a giant silver K. "MIIIIIIIINE"

The video has been shot for SvDN and is being edited, it's not going too well but if they don't sort it out soon then the band are claiming the material and doing it themselves. The sooner the better!

> 1/06/01

Lost Prophets have been taken by the same manager as Metallica.
Come on that's impressive right? A US tour is also looking likely.

LPs have just done a 3 sng session for radio 1 in Wales mp3s of this soon up

Kobrakai live is now up in the sounds page.

> 16/05/01

Lost Prophets have just been confirmed to play the Leeds and Reading festivals, this is great news as it means they will get much more exposure to potential fans who will see them on the offchance at a festival. All new tour dates are now up.

> 10/05/01

Hey, sorry there have been no updates in ages, basically: Lost Prophets have progressed from being supporting linea 77 to Taproot to Linkin Park in the space of 5 months! Prospects look great for America. Keep an eye on this site for live mp3s in the next month or so.


> 24/02/01 Borderline gig with Boiler Room

It was great and they played more than five songs they played six (ok it's not that much more but still..) They opened with Shinobi as ever then played The Fake Sound Of Progress at the end of which Ian gave a "stunning rendition" of Outkast's new song. after pausing for a quick drink while Jaimie sampled the fist interlude. They smoothly moved into Five Is A Four Letter Word, getting the crowd to a frenzy "jump! jump! jump! jump!!!" For Sure and Ode To Summer were suprising crowd pleasers and to end the set came the mighty Kobrakai "give you times to compose your selves oh yes ready for the last furious onslaught". It was quite sad how Lost Prophets managed to completely upstage the other two bands including US hopefulls Boiler Room who headlined. As quoted by a member of the crowd "I'd just like to say that no one's here to see Boiler Room, but who loves Lost Prophets?!"
Looking forward to the 7th of April!

One complaint: Mike's guitar wasn't loud enough, anyone agree?

> C4 teletext page 452 19/02/01

"Instead of going on about US bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, check out Lost Prophets' Fake Sound Of Progress. They're British, they whup ass and basically it's the best thing I've heard in ages! KT"

> News just in 15/02/01

Camden Underworld 2pm Sun 25th feb for shinobi video. See you all there!

> 12/02/01

Check out channel 4 teletext 454 for a review of Lost Prophets supporting Pitchshifter, this will be posted soon in the photo section.