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As well as sites relating to Lost Prophets are other links to new bands and record labels.


Lost Prophets The official site.
Public Disturbance The band that Ian and Mike L were in before lost prophets, check them out.
Pitchshifter Another band the Lost Prophets have supported.
Linea 77 Those Italian geezers who sing the master of a song "Walk Like An Egyptian".

Music related links

Skratch 22 A local band who prob won't be big but are good anyway.
Visible Noise The record label of Lost Prophets, Kilkus and Kill II This.
Earthtone 9 Buddies of Lost Prophets
Metal Hammer A good site for news and links.
My message board Here is my message board
Radio 1 rock show Mail the rock show and request a song.
Mail Lost Prophets Info @ lost prophets
Xfm rock show Mail the Xfm rock show to request a song.
LostProphets.web Another fan site
Dragonninja.com a great up-to-date source of information and articles, current debates, pics etc (it's got it all)
Another fan site